WAISAL is an abbreviation for this long word “West African International Schools Athletic League”. It’s basically a huge sport event between some West African schools, and usually have Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and some others from time to time involved. There are 3 big waisals that the whole school sometimes come out to watch, which are Soccer, Volleyball and Basketball. There are 3 seasons and each season is a different sport you can join. At the end of the season, all the other schools go to the one school organizing it, (ex: This year volleyball was in Senegal and this year volleyball waisal will be at Nigeria) and compete. For High School, the first season was volleyball and it was held in Senegal. Our both boys (inclding me)¬†and girls team won the Tournament, bringing 2 banners to our school.

The good thing about this waisal is not only on competition, but also meeting new people. I’ve been into waisals for only 2 years now, but I’ve already made numerous friends from other schools that really made my life better. I’m looking forward to the basketball waisal to which will be held in Lagos, Nigeria, even though I’m pretty sure I won’t make it because I’m not really talented in basketball. What are some sport events that happens in your school? Tell me about your school on the comments






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