Life in Senegal (SBC4)

I was born in Romania, raised in South Korea, spent 3 years in France and I’m currently living Senegal. When we hear the word Africa, most of people who have never been there think the place as an ‘undeveloped’ place where there’s only deserts and forests, animals run around the whole country. At least that’s what my friends thought, including me. But I found out I was completely wrong after actually experiencing. Africa is honestly an amazing place. I still remember the first time I came here, I couldn’t wait to go back to South Korea to see my friends. But now, I just hope we stay here as long as possible. The only thing that kind of disturbs is that it’s hot. Well Senegal is actually pretty decent in terms of heat, since it’s in the coast which allows it to have a lot of wind. But it’s still hot for sure or I’m not sure if it’s because of me. When I talk to my friends in other countries such as in the states, Korea or my friends in Europe, they always say their parents do not want to travel to Africa since they think it’s very dangerous. It is true there are some places that are very dangerous, but at least Senegal, I find it way safer than the states. At least people don’t shoot guns in the middle of the streets. Of course Africa has its own beauty of the nature. I really think this amazing place should be exposed to people more.


    • John

      Hi Josh, thanks about the good comment

      Well in my experience, Korea was an amazing place. I’m pretty sure it is the best country for people who wants to just enjoy their life since it has literally “everything”. You can get your pizza delivered at midnight and experience all the things that you probably never even knew it existed in the world, which you will obviously find it amazing. The only thing is that if you go to a public school like me, the academics are just really tough and is on a completely different level from other education systems I’ve been to. But I really think you will regret not visiting there before you die.

      When I said at least they don’t shoot guns in the middle of the street, like the place where I live, Senegal, it’s really safe. But some places maybe like Nigeria according to what I heard, could be really dangerous. But that’s just one place, not all parts of Africa are like that. Even in America people shoot guns haha

    • John

      I’ve lived in South Korea, Romania, France and Senegal, but never lived in the states. I studied French when I was in France and I’m pretty sure if you only heard my voice, I’d sound like a French to you. I can speak 3 languages, but French not as fluent.

      How about you?

    • John

      Romania is a country in the eastern Europe, I was born there. I think I move around a lot because of my mom’s job, since she is a diplomat. Well, in Senegal no one shoots guns in the streets, but I know there are certainly some parts of the world where people do shoot guns in the streets.

      I’ll check your blog out soon

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