Genius Hour Reflection 1

In our Digital Citizenship class, we had a project called Genius Hour, where we chose a topic and researched on the specific topic we wanted to investigate. For my project, I decided to research about “how to start and organize a business”, since these days, creativity is what the world requires the most and new … [Read more…]

Commenting (SBC 8)

Commenting is certainly a big part of the student blog challenge, as well as in the whole world’s media system. It plays a huge roll in connecting people’s ideas and the communication between people in medias. In the student blog challenge, I was able to notice for sure that students shared most of their ideas … [Read more…]


WAISAL is an abbreviation for this long word “West African International Schools Athletic League”. It’s basically a huge sport event between some West African schools, and usually have Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and some others from time to time involved. There are 3 big waisals that the whole school sometimes come out to watch, which are … [Read more…]

Life in Senegal (SBC4)

I was born in Romania, raised in South Korea, spent 3 years in France and I’m currently living Senegal. When we hear the word Africa, most of people who have never been there think the place as an ‘undeveloped’ place where there’s only deserts and forests, animals run around the whole country. At least that’s … [Read more…]

Pictures phrase (SBC 3)

I like to listen to music (All pictures from pixabay, no citations needed)   1: 2: 3 : 4: 5: 6: #17stubc, #isdDC9  

The most interesting story ever (SBC 3)

( Once upon  a time, there lived a bear in the deep, deep mountains. The bear had a friend who was a tiger. One day in the hot hot summer, they were looking for food in the mountains. They both found a lamb decided to hunt it down. However, they became into conflict in who … [Read more…]